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Out Of Office The Film, New York State Puppet Festival @HOME (online series) October, 2020

Out Of Office is a short film about office supplies at the end of the world.
Written and Directed by Emma Wiseman and Emily Zemba
Cinematography by Michael Barringer
Sound Design by Kate Marvin
Audio by Damian Wiseman
Editing by Yana Birykova

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Fly Away, Petzel Gallery, November - December 2020

Derek Fordjour’s unforgettable foray into puppeteering, inspired by the Bunraku style of Japanese Puppet Theatre. Fly Away is the fantastical journey of a man whose name is never known, though we grow to understand him as we follow his quest for mastery along a series of fateful encounters. A cycle of wins and losses leads him to a profound confrontation, raising poignant questions of autonomy, control, and interdependence.

The show is co-created by Derek Fordjour and Nick Lehane, guided by puppeteers Dorothy James, Rowan Magee, Andy Manjuck, Emma Wiseman, and set to an original score by John Aylward performed by oboist Hassan Anderson

Watch a Trailer for Fly Away

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